Netflix’s linear-style channel testing in France

The excellence of Netflix is that you can watch anything whenever you need; however, imagine a scenario where you don’t want to make on a choice. That is the thought behind Direct, another linear-style channel that Netflix is testing in France. At the point when you click on the new Direct URL in the menu, you’ll get a pre-modified feed of popular movies, documentaries and series as well. You would then be able to watch it progressively like a standard TV channel, without even rewind.

Variety Reported that Netflix in France is testing a customized linear content channel. The channel named as Netflix Direct and Netflix streaming subscribers will be able to access it. In a linear format, it will offer the content from its current streaming library almost similar to cable and broadcast TV stations do. According to Variety, Netflix has around 9 million subscribers in France.

Netflix Direct turned out in individual pieces of France November fifth, and next month will extend to more parts of the nation. Announcing the new service, the company stated that possibly you’re not in the mood to choose, or you’re new and searching your way around, or with something different and new, you want to be surprised. Company added in its statement that It picked France for the Netflix Direct release as traditional TV is widely popular there, and individuals wish to a ‘lean back’ experience where they don’t need to pick shows.

For the standard streaming offerings, Netflix has tested some other options, releasing a Shuffle button in August that allows the random scroll to users through suggested viewing option. All viewers with Netflix Direct on the channel will watch similar programming simultaneously.

In the business, the streaming giant looked a sharp expansion toward the coronavirus pandemic starting; in the initial two fourth of 2020, 26 million subscribers were added, almost the same number of as it said for all of 2019.

For now, the feature can be seen only on the web version of Netflix, and it means you won’t be able to access it on any of the apps on cable boxes, streaming devices, and TVs. Netflix yet hasn’t said whether Direct would show up in different business sectors/ markets or not.

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Netflix’s linear-style channel testing in France
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